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Not too long ago we were in your shoes —

Trying to read all the books, listen to all the trainings and take action. But we were unsure where to start. And completely overwhelmed.

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We realized we weren’t the only ones feeling like that. And we knew we wanted to pave the way, so we decided to dig in. We realized how much information is out there for starting a business — here’s how we’ve learned to simplify it:

  1. Find your passion. Okay, easier said than done, but let’s break it down: what do you LOVE to do? What truly lights you up? If money were no object, what would we find you doing? Brainstorm and write. This is the fun part.
  2. Make a plan. When it comes to what you love doing, what void can you fill? Who needs your help in this area? Additionally, how much do you need to be earning to be comfortable? Figuring out the end goal and working backwards is a great way to strategize.
  3. Be you. Truly, that’s the most important step. When you figure out the vehicle to take you from *here* to *there*, don’t change who you are in the process. If someone else tells you to run your business a certain way that doesn’t feel good to you, you will. not. succeed. Because you’ll burn out. And you won’t have fun.
  4. Forget the HUSTLE. You shouldn’t have to grind every single hour of every day to get to your goals. When a machine’s gears are grinding, that means something isn’t working and it isn’t running smoothly. The real goal is to run a business with ease. Now, that being said — your business needs your attention and getting it off the ground takes time. But start shifting your mindset to remember that the goal isn’t to be in a constant grind.

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Together we’re the heart and soul behind
Elevate Like a Boss. 

What we realized was that if we wanted to actually achieve our big scary goals, we had to do it afraid. We weren’t experts, we were still figuring it out. But when we started taking scared steps, we started moving forward. And people noticed.
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YOU are the type of person we work with IF —

  • You’re a driven woman who isn’t sure what steps to take but you’re ready to take them
  • You’re a tired mama who is ready to make the magic happen in your business and get out of the overwhelm
  • You’re ready to set tangible goals and strategize to hit them
  • You’re sick of playing small and ready to step into your flow
  • You are inspired by helping others

Is that you? Are you feeling a fire in your belly to find your passion and step into abundance? We would love to chat with you!

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