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When we started our businesses we did what we were told, followed instructions and were coachable. We did what someone else thought we should do. What we didn’t do was dig deep to find who we were and what we were passionate about.

This led to imminent burnout, which we both felt in our businesses. When we stepped back and figured out who we were and what we believed in, we were able to figure out what true alignment was within our businesses. Before we knew it, talking about it became A LOT easier.

Flash forward to 2019, when we decided to create a mastermind for women were also feeling stuck, unaligned, and unsure how to speak to their audience. We were passionate about it being a small community that supports one another so that you can stop feeling alone in your business.

According to Forbes, “once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is gone.”


By the end of the mastermind you will…

  • Get clear on who you are and how you align with your business
  • Learn tools and strategies to take the best care of yourself to avoid burnout
  • Create a clear description of your ideal client
  • Craft posts from your heart that can be used on social media to call in your tribe
  • Have a sisterhood that always has your back in business and in life

Mastermind Breakdown

Call 1 – What makes up YOU – Introduce yourself in a DEEP way. The first week is going to be for introductions, both for the group and so that you can get crystal-clear on who you are. This is important in setting a strong foundation of self-awareness and what you truly love.

Call 2 – Self-Care/Routine – how to avoid burnout. We want to work with you on how to create flow in your life. Whether it’s re-evaluating (or creating!) a morning routine, or how to balance work and life, or whatever else comes up for you here. The importance of taking care of yourself in the best way for you is make or break in your business.

Call 3 – Calling in exactly what you want. Here we’re going to do some brainstorming around what it is that you’re attracted to. Brand colors, wardrobe, work spaces, etc. You’ll be hands-on this week on Pinterest creating boards so that it is extremely clear what it is that you’re calling in. You will share your boards with the group!

Call 4 – Ideal Client – Pain to Pleasure Island. This week we’re going to figure out who your ideal client is, based on who you are and what you’re attracted to. Who do you want to work with? And where are they now (pain island) and where do you want to bring them to (pleasure island).

Call 5 – Letter to Past Self – what advice would you give yourself? This exercise is to start getting creative and working on how to create engaging posts while connecting your audience to you. We’re going to write our own letters to our past self so that our true voice comes out while talking to ourselves about what we could have changed or what we’re excited for.

Call 6 – Connection Posts – Brainstorming and crafting posts speaking directly to your ideal client. This final week we’ll continue digging to have a list of ideas for you to post about. How to reach the people you’re looking for and how they can get to know you so that they’re ready to start working with you!


Mastermind Details

6 group coaching calls (60-90 minutes)
6 worksheets
Private FB group


How long is the Mastermind? 6 weeks, with 60-90 minute group calls once a week on Fridays starting on March 8th.

How does it work? The weekly calls will be on Zoom and recorded for you to watch later if you can’t make a call. The private Facebook group will be open for you to ask questions and collaborate whenever you need it. The workbook PDFs will be shared in the group weekly.

What is a mastermind? A live group call on Zoom where Holli and Jacky will discuss the topic in the workbook and give training. Then, each guest gets a chance to be in the hot seat and work through their experience with the workbook that week and whatever comes up with it. You get to learn from each other and get personalized guidance on each call.

Is this mastermind for me? If you are looking for clarity on what truly lights you up, how to connect with your audience and create valuable content, this is most certainly for you. Start the new year with accountability from other like-minded women who are just as driven as you!

What about the ELAB Retreat? This mastermind leads up to the retreat in New Braunfels, TX April 25-28. You have the option to join the mastermind + retreat or only mastermind, payment details below!


Content + Connection Mastermind Investment

$1200 + as a bonus for paying in full you get a free 30 minute 2:1 strategy call with both of us! (Or it can be split into monthly payments without the bonus call.)

– or –

$2400 for mastermind + retreat. We’d love to have you deepen what you take from the mastermind during our live retreat weekend. A can’t-miss weekend of women building each other up and making life-long connections. View the retreat details HERE.

Content + Connection the Mastermind

Content + Connection the Mastermind: $1200

The Mastermind + Retreat Experience

Retreat + Content + Connection the Mastermind: $2400

Want to chat with one of us to see if this is a good fit for you?
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