​The Network Marketing Struggle is REAL...but it doesn't have to be HARD!

​This roadmap has been created to take the guessing out of the value you should create to become a trusted resource in your network. One that people actually buy from!

Course Enrollments close on ​August 5, 2019


​Are you following everything your peers are telling you and you still aren't being seen?

When I asked our community what the hardest part of network marketing is, the top 3 answers were:

  1. The stigma of MLM - not wanting to come across as salesy

  2. Finding customers and teammates 

  3. Expanding their network

Yeah, me too. Back in August 2017 when we met, we knew we had to change things up. Sending spammy copy and paste messages to our high school friends we haven’t spoken to in years just didn’t feel right. And we’d basically avoid those who didn’t respond because… how embarrassing

We started seeking training from other sources and started creating our own content. Over the past year, we realized that there were a LOT of you feeling the same way we felt. 

So... ​I want to help you fix these things. Because ALL of those things are important before we start to thrive in our businesses. ​I'm bringing you a roadmap to dig into some solutions for these issues. 

​Let's ELABORATE: The Elevate Your Business Roadmap Workbook

Who is this course right for?

  • ​Women who want to stop sending cold messages to your sorority sisters who won’t respond
  • ​Women who want to start feeling proud of their business again, rather than feeling icky and unsure how to talk about it and what others might think
  • Busy moms and busy ​ladies - it's straight and to the point: each module contains ​content to ​complete in your own time, and the workbook is pdfs you can print and bring with you.

Who is this course NOT right for?

  • ​Women who want to “get rich quick.” This process is a long-term commitment which will nurture relationships over time rather than hit everyone we know up, have them avoid us and we get burnt out.
  • ​Women who ​are not willing to try a new method or show up and commit to themselves and their business. 

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​By the end of this workbook...

​You'll finally be free to explore what lights you up and to create value around that for your network.

You'll have a framework for creating social posts that get attention. No more spinning your wheels wondering if your posts are being seen.

​You'll learn how to create connection that lasts, built on a foundation of vulnerability and authenticity, just the way relationships should be.

​You'll be proud of your business and your social media presence. You will feel confident when making posts and feel like you are being trusted as a valued resource. 

Here’s what people are saying about the ​​ELAB:

​Susan Richardson

​I am so grateful to be part of this group of remarkable women! They have provided some invaluable tips for running my business, not to mention the friendships created. Thank you!

Kim Zonca

​"I love ELAB! Their training and support helps me strive every day to be the kind of business people want to buy from!"

​Kim Kantola

​"This is such a brilliant source of empowerment and inspiration. Jacky and Holli know exactly how to motivate and support others. Additionally, they provide such solid examples of leadership for growing a business. Thank you, ladies for sharing your gifts and talents with us!"

​What's included in the ELAB Roadmap:


​Pre-work Module

​Dig into to figure out how to attract your ideal customers and teammates, figure out how to talk about your business in an authentic and engaging way and how to keep, start, and stop doing things that will help your business grow.


Module 1: ​Connection

​​Why and how to connect and re-connect to grow your network and audience.


Module 2: ​Vulnerability and Visibility

​How to show up authentically and be seen by your ideal peeps on social media. 


Module 3: ​Creating Curiosity and Social Proof

​How to utilize the network you're building in an engaging way to have people asking you what you're up to and how to get involved.

About The Course ​Creator,
​Holli ​

Not too long ago I was in your shoes —

Trying to read all the books, listen to all the trainings and take action. But I was unsure where to start. And completely overwhelmed.

​I realized I wasn't the only one feeling like that. And ​I knew I wanted to pave the way, so ​I decided to dig in. ​I realized how much information is out there for starting a business — here’s how I’ve learned to simplify it:

  1. Find your passion. Okay, easier said than done, but let’s break it down: what do you LOVE to do? What truly lights you up? If money were no object, what would we find you doing? Brainstorm and write. This is the fun part.
  2. Make a plan. When it comes to what you love doing, what void can you fill? Who needs your help in this area? Additionally, how much do you need to be earning to be comfortable? Figuring out the end goal and working backwards is a great way to strategize.
  3. Be you. Truly, that’s the most important step. When you figure out the vehicle to take you from *here* to *there*, don’t change who you are in the process. If someone else tells you to run your business a certain way that doesn’t feel good to you, you will. not. succeed. Because you’ll burn out. And you won’t have fun.
  4. Forget the HUSTLE. You shouldn’t have to grind every single hour of every day to get to your goals. When a machine’s gears are grinding, that means something isn’t working and it isn’t running smoothly. The real goal is to run a business with ease. Now, that being said — your business needs your attention and getting it off the ground takes time. But start shifting your mindset to remember that the goal isn’t to be in a constant grind.

​What ​I realized was that if ​I wanted to actually achieve ​my big scary goals, I had to do it afraid. I'm not an expert, ​I'm still figuring it out. But when I started taking scared steps, ​I started moving forward. And people noticed.

​Angela Goehring

​"Jacky and Holli have done a great job with this community. It’s a supportive, helpful, content loaded group that is so beneficial to entrepreneurs in direct sales needing to learn the ropes of attraction based marketing and network development. I highly recommend their group. Run don’t walk!!"

​Liz Ninan

​"Thank you so much for starting this up, Jacky and Holli! Honestly, I have never felt so good about the business! Because this has really changed my approach to the entire business and I just know this is the step I needed to take. This is a beautiful thing that you both are doing, God bless you ladies for helping us all out here! You are investing so much of your time and effort, and I can confidently say that everyone signed up will agree with me that your genuineness shines through to all of us. Love!"

​​Jessica Jones

"​Holli and Jacky are fantastic leaders! They are passionate and treat every person as if they are the only one they are helping! They give so much of their time to help others! My business has grown so much with their training and guidance!"

ELAB ROadmap workbook



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Bonus 1
​ELAB Branding Guide

​This is your intro to getting to know the feel for your brand! You'll decide what colors and phrases feel good to you and learn how you can create a message that suits your brand.

Bonus 2
​ELAB Social Media Calendar

​Get your social media planning made simple. Don't know what to post? No problem, our calendar lays it all out for you. 

Bonus 3
​Creating a Landing Page Worksheet

​You'll be able to clearly identify what language should go on your landing page to attract your ideal client. Learn everything you need to have in place to start being a magnet today!

Course Enrollments close on ​August 5, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

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​I am so excited you are taking this step to grow your business! ​I can't wait to see your progress!

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