​The Network Marketing Struggle is REAL...but it doesn't have to be HARD!

​What is the 30 Day Challenge?

The challenge is like joining an exercise program for self development. Yes we do things to keep your business going but the real work comes from showing up everyday as authentically as possible and stretching(engaging with your audience) and exercising(posting valuable content to your audience).

The results are reconnecting with your audience, expanding your network and being seen in a way that you haven't been seen before that allows you to stand out from the rest. It becomes a lifestyle that you can live comfortably as you keep venturing out of your comfort zone.

"​Y’all have the BEST challenges! I know you put so much into it!"​​​​​

- Jessica Jones

This is for...

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    ​Women who want to stop sending cold messages to your sorority sisters who won’t respond.
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    ​​Women who want to start feeling proud of their business again, rather than feeling icky and unsure how to talk about it and what others might think.
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    ​Busy moms and busy ​ladies - it's straight and to the point: each ​contains challenges to ​complete in your own time.
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    ​Women who ​are ​ willing to try a new method or show up and commit to themselves and their business.

​What benefits will I get from the 30 Days?

​4 Challenges per week

​4 tasks per week to focus on, a combination of business development and personal development

​Develop Connections

​Help deepening connections and guidance to build new connections

​Community & Accountability

​A nudge to get outside your comfort zone (but when you share with us​, you'll get tons of support!)


​More authenticity and visibility for you and your business

​What others are saying about our challenges:

"​This group and all the people in it are AWESOME. ❤️"

​Chrissy Gates, ELAB Challenge Participant

"The information you two have already shared with us has been amazing! I can’t wait to see what this brings us!!"

​Beth Eason, ELAB Challenge Participant

"​My biz mind has shifted gears and I’m not doing all the icky stuff that’s been passed down from the top... I’m being me... good bad beautiful and ugly... I’m no longer that commercial...."

​Margaret Steele, ​ELAB Challenge Participant

"​Y’all are the REAL deal and have changed my life!."

​Lila Cooperider, ​ELAB Challenge Participant

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