Breaking the Rules

9 months pregnant with Kellen in Gruene, TX

I’ll never forget this day. It was a warm May Day (haha, mayday 🤷🏼‍♀️) and obviously I was heavily pregnant.

My baby shower had just finished and my bestie Amanda and I were on an adventure to take maternity photos. Now I’m not one of those gals who has family photos galore or walls of memories that we’ve printed over the years. But I wanted something unique to document this experience as I was certain it would be the last.

We were driving through a little neighborhood in Gruene in my little grey Prius when I spotted it. IT was an old green rusty truck. And the heavens opened and the light shone only on the truck and the angels were singing (ok that’s not true but it felt like it). The only problem was it was in someone’s front yard.

I don’t like getting into trouble but I don’t mind breaking the rules either if I can avoid getting caught. Because I was 8.5 months pregnant I was willing to risk it.

I looked at Amanda and said, “This is it. This is the spot. Do you think we can trespass?” She said, “I don’t know but we can try.” Now, I’ve known Amanda since we were 9 years old, there isn’t much we haven’t “tried” together and something about the nostalgia of being together again had proven too much for my rational thoughts.

This was not our first rodeo, in teenagehood you could find us driving around in her 1990 2 door Honda Accord. You know, the one where the seat belt moves forward when the door opens and comes back when you close the door, with the cute little lap belt that seemed safe enough on its own?? 👀 There we would be sitting at a stop light, her hand on her horn and neither one of us dare laugh for fear of “losing” the made up game we were playing, I still laugh my butt off about that.

Back to my story…

I remember leaping out of the car and saying, “Well, let’s hope they won’t hurt a pregnant lady!” I dashed to the truck and posed as best as I could given the extra 20 lbs I was packing, another memory worth the effort.

This 👇🏻 is one of my very favorite photos of me. I feel beautiful and feminine and like a complete badass because my body can morph into something so incredible for someone else.

Would I have gotten great maternity photos that day had I done something different and picked another location?

Probably, but I’ll never know because I love to take risks and live in the moment. We’re not promised tomorrow, September 10 is testament to that more than any.

Go for the goal, take the risk, buy the plane ticket, tell her your sorry, hug your loved ones and tell them, “I love you”. Make today be the day that you have a beautiful memory from because you weren’t afraid to have a little fun!

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