Friendships don’t always last…

Kellen with his best friend Jack, Jack’s mom is my good friend, Erin

I’ve been struggling with this lately. Well since the Summer probably.

Is something wrong with me? Could I have done something differently? Did we have enough common ground? Trust? Was the foundation for the friendship ever even there?

What I’m learning is that everyone has a purpose in your life. Some are here to stay forever but there aren’t many that are. Most are here to teach you something valuable about yourself or people in general. Once the lesson has been planted like a seed the person slowly fades away. It could be days, months or years.

If you’re struggling with the loss of a relationship and how to move forward, whether it’s a friendship, partnership, marriage, or any other kind of relationship, there are good, genuine and authentic people in this world. There are people who are meant to love us the same way we love them. People to laugh and cry with, people to support you no matter what. There are people JUST FOR YOU!

Go find them!

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