Staying Stuck to Stay Comfortable

The things NO ONE says about network marketing:

There were two network marketing conferences the same week that just happened to be the two companies I was with previously. 🙃

At first I was sad and had a little bit of FOMO because I’d be missing out on community and seeing old friends.

But then I realized, I have been to both companies’ events before and I know what I’m missing. I’m probably going to lose some friends over this and I’m prepared to. If you aren’t ready for the hard truth, someday you will be, when the time is right. But I’m speaking to the one who went to those conferences reading this right now who is ready.

Do not stay stuck. Do not live in status quo. If you went to those conferences for all the reasons you can think of EXCEPT personal growth, I encourage you to do a reality check for yourself.

Friends in network marketing can be fantastic. They truly can. There are also women in the industry that I have had to learn from then block. Shiny ball syndrome is a real thing but what if you’re also allowing that shiny ball to keep you stuck?

The lights, the convention center, the big city, the friends, the keynote speakers and the big party at the end.

Those things are ALL great. But if you have been doing this for years and you scratch your head wondering when it will be your turn for the top, make sure your company is one who pours back into its people. Do they spend time, money and effort getting you to the next level? Do you feel defeated every month because you go back to square one and it’s more spammy posts and cold messaging reach outs?

Are your “top” leaders really at the top or is it all for show? Are the “Top 10 on my team” truly hitting numbers THE TOP 10 are proud of or just enough to get the person posting the top 10 to the next rank? Are you asking for help, yet hearing them say make more product posts or do more reach outs?

These are all BIG red flags that I ignored for years because I wasn’t ready. I thought I was with the best of the best. When it comes to products, they have good ones but that’s not the reason that kept me there.

It was the promise for the top and if I just kept pushing I, too, would one day make it there. Until I saw through the bullshit and realized if I wanted success, I had to find something that lit my soul on fire. Something that fell in line with my passion and purpose. I no longer was looking to make someone’s product or company my passion and purpose.

So, I’ll ask you, why are you letting everyone else’s success to keep you stuck? Why are you letting someone else’s opinion of you to be the reason you stay? Why are you not living your best life while you have the chance? Life is short, you get one shot and I know I’m worthy of the happiness, success and love I desire! You are too, you just have to open your eyes to the truth! 🙌🏻

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