It’s All Working Out



Oh Laura! You are a force to be reckoned with and we just adore you. You came to us in Elevate Like a Boss and knew you were destined for more but you couldn’t figure out how to get your message out and you were for lack of a better word, lost. During our mastermind she opened up and poured her heart out, she knew she wanted something bigger and was tired of playing and living small.

At our retreat, she had a breakthrough. She uncovered all of the shame and guilt she had been hiding under and bloomed right there. It was an intense and beautiful moment. Her light shines so bright and now she’s helping so many women and making a true difference in others lives and her business is growing by leaps and bounds.

Laura, we think you are amazing, your fire and tenacity are something people envy. Keep digging deep because 2019 has nothing on you!


More information on the mastermind here.

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