Serendipitous Sarah

Sarah joined the mastermind on a complete whim, knowing nobody ahead of time. She showed up to the first call and shared her heart with us, openly and vulnerably. We all fell in love with her.

She then told us about a big change she was making in her business; she had found something that her soul is aligned with. She lit up every time she talked about it. It was so clear she had to follow her strong intuition, and watching her absolutely thrive in her business has been such a treat.

Serendipity is how we can describe how we found Sarah, and how she found us. It happened at the perfect time in her story, and we’re grateful to be able to see it unravel.

Sarah has found her voice. She dug deep into the workbook we provided and always showed up ready to share. She has continued to stretch her comfort zone — knowing we’re all there for her to cheer her on. She’s going far, and we love watching her growth. Thank you for being so honestly YOU, Sarah. We adore you.

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Photo by Lexie Faucher
Video by MA BELLE 

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