The Power of Community

Being at the Hustle Con conference yesterday in Brooklyn has me dreaming big. Each time I met someone new, I was so excited to tell them about our group and the women we’re working with. So many of the people I spoke to were quick to remind me how important a safe space for women is. We know that and we cherish this space very much.

In one conversation with a woman who recently decided to leave her 9-5 to stay home with her kids and is starting up her own business, she said she could have used some guidance when she was pivoting. She knew she couldn’t do the corporate grind anymore but wasn’t sure what was next. It took months for her to figure out what lights her up, and to figure out how to make a plan to monetize what she loves. She ended up landing on a company that helps women easily design and grow gardens in their yards. “Grow Me a Rainbow” is the name she landed on just a few days ago! I love it.

I’ve done both sides: brainstormed and dug on my own and worked in a group with guidance and coaching. There were times that one was better than the other, for different reasons. But I know that being supported by others is what gets me really going. Gets me excited and empowered and held accountable.

Elevate Like a Boss started as a Facebook group with network marketing tips and has grown to be so much deeper than that. What we realized within this past year was that many women didn’t feel deeply connected to their businesses or needed to rediscover that connection. And many of you want more. To be coaches, to create your own products, to build something of your own.

There’s a place here for any level that you want. We are working hard to provide training for the collective that helps you answer your questions about working your business on a deeper level. Holli and I get a lot out of seeing the shifts that happen as we dig. We are wide open to suggestions as well.

We are very excited to see some new names on the list for the free mastermind call on Monday. We’ll be digging into how we can better tell our stories online, by working on our stories for a landing page. It can be applied to posts, a website, or a blog, but the content of the worksheets helps you navigate why you’re doing what you’re doing and how to communicate what you love about it.

We’d love to have you! We’re keeping the doors open until noon on Sunday so that we have plenty of time to send out the Zoom information to our guests.

Join us here:


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