Sweet Laura Logan

Laura Logan is one of those friends that everyone wishes they had. She’s sweet, kind, funny and has a heart that gives. Laura has been around Elevate Like a Boss since the beginning but we didn’t get to know her until late Summer of 2018. We were drawn immediately to her magnetic personality and sweet southern charm. Her voice is calm and soothing and when you hear her talk you just know that everything will be ok.

When we first started working with Laura we knew she was holding some things back that could help her reach her potential but we weren’t sure if we could get those things to come out without Laura doing the work.  Once the mastermind started we could tell that she was fully committed to making not only business changes but lifestyle changes as well.

Once Laura dove in she did with both feet and quickly realized she had much more to bring to the table than she realized. Laura works hard, she’s a great mom but she still felt like she was missing the mark on everything. We quickly discovered that it’s been years since Laura took the time to do things for herself and allowed herself to be open and vulnerable. We made a plan for her to become more active on her Instagram page and to use it as a blog for her life.

She would be able to create the safe space that she had been longing for to be open and honest about her life and experiences. When she started opening her heart in posts, she found a huge network of supportive friends and family that she didn’t know were behind her.

We started ELEVATE Like a Boss as a way to help women become more aligned and confident in their businesses. We’ve discovered along the way that when your personal life starts to thrive, everything else falls in line also. When we show up as our fully lit up selves, it is so much easier to make the connections we desire. Laura, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and to follow along on your journey to be the Laura you’ve been missing for so long!


Photo by Lexie Faucher
Video by MA BELLE 

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