Maggie May

We could say so many wonderful things about this sweet woman. Margaret has been an active member of ELAB for a while now, but was always on the quieter side. Quiet, yet eager. And definitely paying attention. She took our words to heart and completely changed the way she ran her online business. She told us how much better it felt to create real connections, rather than always looking for a sale.

When she warmed up to the group, she shared openly and vulnerably. She wanted to focus on how to meet new people in her area and how to build an online community. She had already been blogging, just not in one location. We worked on how she could really use her writing to connect with more people. With a heart of gold we knew she had a gift and the world needed it. Margaret has a way with words, when she speaks it is eloquent and even more so when she writes her feelings down.


If you don’t know Margaret you might think she’s reserved, shy, quiet. When you get to know her you realize that she’s guarded and only opens up to those she truly trusts. We were honored and humbled that she chose us to open up to and by asking us to help guide her in her life and business.

Margaret, Maggie May, we love you and are grateful and lucky you have become a part of our tribe. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t count our blessings and you are certainly one of them! We’re so grateful that you were part of our fall mastermind.


Photo by Lexie Faucher
Video by MA BELLE 

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