How to Keep Your Business Momentum Up During the Holidays

It’s almost time for the craziest time of the year. The holidays. Family is in town, we’re traveling, we’re shopping and going to parties. How on EARTH are we going to keep our online businesses going?

  1. Use it as a great time to connect/re-connect with people. Reunions, annual holiday parties and dinners are great times to see how everyone is. To genuinely ask how they’ve been and let them share with you their updates. 
  2. Give your friends and family an update when they ask about your business. You’ll see your distant family you get to see once a year — when they ask what you’ve been up to, be sure to share what you’ve been up to! What is going well in your business? What are you excited about lately? Don’t use it as a time to SELL, but as a time to SHARE. Be real, be yourself, but don’t be afraid to share how far you’ve come!
  3. Plan ahead to set your personal working hours. Look at your week ahead and pick out some pockets of time to plan on working. Put them in your calendar and set reminders so that you hold yourself accountable. When the time comes to sit and work, set your phone timer for reasonable amounts of time (20-30 minutes at a time) and avoid the mindless scroll on Facebook and Instagram!
  4. Take time to thank your customers and business partners. A hand-written note goes a long way! Show your appreciation to those who support you.
  5. Don’t stop working your business because you think people are busy! Keep going. Stores don’t close during the holiday chaos, they thrive! Do not shut down thinking that people aren’t interested in what you have to offer during the holidays. 

That all being said, happy holiday season from the two of us! – H + J


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