3 Reasons Not to Use Other People’s Graphics & What to do Instead 

1. They can look blurry and tacky

Real talk. When a photo is saved (or screen-shotted) over and over, it loses its quality. bef0e776a8432c77266c6e70ded8b147It should represent you and your brand. Instead of re-using the exact image, you can re-make it in an app like Canva or WordSwag. Then you can choose your own colors and fonts, and it will be CRYSTAL CLEAR, no blurry nonsense! (see example! –>)


2. You don’t want to use the same graphics as others 

Your friends have friends that might work for the same company you do, or like the same quote you like. If you’re posting identical images to others, you might not come across as professional or unique. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.If you love a specific quote, re-make it so that you can put your name or logo on it. Remember always to give credit to the author of the quote if you can find it! 


3. If you didn’t make it, it’s not your voice/vibe

Just like when you send a reach-out, if you copy and paste it, it’s not your voice or vibe. When you copy a graphic, you can’t customize it and make it your own. You want to make sure that people start to recognize your posts, that’s what branding is. You’ll be seen as much more professional and people are more likely to take you seriously when you start creating your own content.

So, pick some colors you like and choose an app to re-make some of your favorite quotes! 

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