Why We Quit Doing Reachouts

Have you ever had that moment – you sent a message to someone that you thought highly of and as soon as you hit send you cringe because you know that doesn’t sound like you?

If you have ever been involved in Direct Sales/Network Marketing then you were probably and maybe still are told to make a list of 300-500 people that you know (seriously, this takes days for most people), then you need to send them a message telling them about your new business. YUCK! It feels gross and it sends people running for the hills.

We quit doing them because they don’t create a genuine conversation or connection. Instead, we send a message sincerely asking how they are doing and strike up a conversation that is meaningful. Below is an example of how our conversations used to go and how they typically start now! Now that we quit doing the yucky reach outs we have more people reach out to us about what we do and how we do it. reach outs

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