Creating Valuable Content

We could probably spend days blogging about the creation of valuable content because there is so much to say. Creating valuable content starts with knowing your ideal client. 

When you think of your ideal client we want you to think about the value that you can provide, then who that value would appeal to, that is your ideal client. What resource can you provide that is scarce to your network? It needs to be something that lights you up because when the going gets tough, and it will, you need a fire in you that doesn’t dim.

Once you have established the resource you should take the knowledge that you already possess and knowledge that you will gain and share that with your network. One thing that we have noticed is that we have a tribe of “helpers”. You all want to help other people you just don’t know how to help them. 

Creating valuable content is subjective because it’s not going to be valuable to everyone and it shouldn’t be. When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. Once you have figured out your  resource, you can take a poll in your network and see what it is that they are lacking, I’ll give you an example, below.

Let’s say you are really into health and fitness but your light dimmed and you haven’t been working out or motivating others like you always found yourself doing before. You can make a post showing yourself at your best or at your worst (you choose, your network will love either of the real you), explain to them how you feel when you work out and how you feel when you don’t, be honest and raw. Then ask for accountability from them, you’ll draw the people in who want that same accountability and they want it from you!

We offer free 15 minute discovery calls to see if we are a right fit to work with you and we have a free Facebook community with lots of valuable content. If you feel called to speak with one of us, click here!

Love H & J(2)

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