3 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Client

3 Tips

1. Make new connections and re-connect with friends

Over in the Elevate Like a Boss Facebook group, we talk about networking and connection A LOT. We can’t continue to talk about our products or opportunity to the same people. We need to be constantly expanding our networks, so this has to be step 1. Aim to connect with 5 new Facebook friends a day, push yourself to join and attend networking events in your area. Start one if you can’t find one you love! The point is that the more people who know you, the more your message is spread.

2. Figure out what posts you’re attracted to

Whose posts make you stop and read? Which ones make you laugh? Which photos do you always find yourself “liking”? Figure out what you are attracted to so that you can use those as models for your own posts. Of course, always use your own voice.

3. Start writing posts to yourself

When you’re unsure who to direct your posts at, direct them to you! Your ideal client is like YOU — driven, smart, energetic, and a great teammate. Think about what you have learned or benefitted from by being in the business you’re in. What did you have to overcome by making bold decisions to start something new? Why is it worth someone also taking the same leap you took?

And a little bonus, 4 — be consistent. Even if you’re still learning and figuring out your posting style, keep going. Find your voice, the way you would talk to a friend and start sharing your heart. 

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